Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January scavenger hunt...

.....only a day, I'm nearly on time..  :o)

~two flags~




~in my bathroom~

~in season~

~in the distance~
he was halfway down my secondary driveway which is about 350mts long, luckily I just happened to have the 300mm lens already on the camera and sitting on the dining table..

this was taken at the Greenough Pioneer Cemetery, in Western Australia. what makes this even more poignant is if you look at the dates he actually died on his 17th birthday..!

there's always a mess left when a man cuts cake..!

I had to go put these on as I couldn't find anything odd at all....sad but true  :o)

foxtail grass

sign on the Nullabor Highway which runs along the Great Australian Bight from Ceduna in South Australia to Norseman in Western Australia...


Petals and Vintage said...

Love your pics. Well done! xx

Little Blue Mouse said...

What fantastic photos!

Leanne said...

LOVE foxy loxy

Louise said...

Fantastic photos! The foxtail grass is just gorgeous, I want to touch it!

I like your odd and warning photos too.

greenthumb said...

Great photos, like the in seson photo and warning.

Eileen said...

Brilliant quality photos - they are wonderful. My favourite is the foxtail grass.

Paula said...

That cake looks delicious and I really like your Soft photo.

catsmum said...

great pix - we had a fox about an hour ago but no camera to hand :(